Our award-winning team is now offering Linux and security consulting services.

DKE Consulting LLC offers professional Linux consultants and industry experts with many years of experience, education and professional certifications. 

Servers: We manage many Linux Servers of all kinds (DNS, SSH, Apache, Load Balancers, etc).

Security: We keep thousands of customers' servers secure. We perform penetration testing, and will find vulnerabilities in your network before the bad guys do. 

Virtualization: We can need help with KVM, HyperV, VMWare etc.

Firewalls: We can made them from PC's running bare Linux or install and manage commercial products.

NIST 800-171 compliance: We partner with ComplyUp.com and hold your hand until it holds your NIST certification.

Investigations: We provide digital investigations in partnership with ITACservices.com

In partnership with ComplyUp.com we'll secure NIST 800-171 compliance for your company.
We proudly provide digital investigations in partnership with ITAC Services.

Jeremy Smith

Kyle Casteline

Mason Taylor

Matt Oldfield

Zach Levine

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